Article I. Name

The name of the organization shall be New Haven Eagles Cricket Club.

Article II. Purpose

The New Haven Eagles Cricket Club seeks to further the game of Cricket in the area of NewHaven. The team will seek to promote a greater
understanding of the game to those who have never played, while at the same time providing a means for cricket players of all levels to come
together and play, watch, and discuss the game.

Article III. Membership

Section 1.
Membership in this organization shall be open to all residents of Connecticut, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, or
physical disability.

Section 2. Membership shall be retained until the member severs relations with New Haven Eagles whether by choice or otherwise. Membership
will be retained during the off season.

Section 3. Any member may resign at any time by filing a written resignation with the Secretary. Any refund of the membership fees will be at
the discretion of the governing body of the club.

Section 4. All members will be required to attend a practice session at least once a week during the regular season. Failure to comply may
result in exclusion from the league game that will follow the practice session.

Section 5. Members will be required to abide by the laws of cricket while playing in the league or any friendly games.

Section 6. Any inappropriate behavior on or off the ground during a game will be evaluated by the disciplinary committee and subject to
appropriate punishment that may include exclusion from the membership of New Haven Eagles.  

Section 7: All members will be required to pay annual dues to the New Haven Eagles Club. The dollar value will be determined by the Treasurer
in discussions with the governing body of the club. In special cases, a member may be exempt from paying an annual due upon approval by the
governing body.

Article IV. Officers

Section 1. The governing body of the New Haven Eagles Cricket Club would consist of a President, Vice-president, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 2. All officers shall be chosen by an election every 1 year at the end or beginning of a season, including the Captain of the team by the
Permanent members of the Club (Khalid, Dhanpat,
Sharat, Jigar, Mahmood, Asif, Hassan, Bobby and Shafi). However, the process can also be
undertaken in the middle of a season if majority of the clubs Permanent members agree for a change or in the case of an unexpected departure
of any of the office bearers due to unforeseen circumstances.

Section 3. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the group and shall have general supervision and control of its activities and
programs. The President needs majority of its Executive Branch and the Permanent members of the Club (Khalid, Dhanpat, Afzal, Raja,
Mahmood, Asif, Hassan, Bobby and Shafi) to dissolve the team.

Section 4. The Vice-president shall assist the President and assume his or her duties when the President is unable to serve.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall have general charge of the financial affairs of the group. He or she shall keep accurate records of these affairs.

Section 6. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the group and of all activities and programs. He or she will handle all formal
correspondence between members and officers of the group.

Article V. Committees

Section 1. There shall be a Selection Committee that shall consist of 3 active members of the club. The committee shall be responsible to send
the list of 12 players to the Captain by the Friday before the league game. The committee shall also perform the functions of a disciplinary
committee. The term of office shall start on the first day of April and shall terminate on the last day of the regular season after two years.

Article VI. Meetings

Section 1. Meetings of the group shall be held on a regular basis for the purpose of determining club policies, activities, programs, and other
business related matters. Special meetings of the group may be called by the President, the Secretary, or any five members of the group.

Section 2. A simple majority of the group shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3. The President shall chair all meetings. In the President’s absence, the Secretary shall chair and another member shall be appointed
Secretary for the duration of the meeting.

Section 4. Notice of regular and special meetings shall be communicated to all members of the group by the Secretary.

Section 5. All members shall have one vote with respect to any resolutions put forward during a meeting. Members may vote by written proxy if
necessary. In case of not reaching a majority (tie) either the matter will remain” status quo” or the president will have a additional vote, if the
matter does not directly apply to his election.

Article VII. Amendments

Section 1. This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the group.

Section 2. Any three members of the group may propose an amendment. Proposals shall be filed in writing with the Secretary prior to a
meeting, so that the group may debate the proposal. Amendments may be voted on at regular or special meetings.

Article VIII. Members
Section 1.  The playing members has the right to vote in any Disputed arguments or make any amendments which will make the ruling
effective and the Law. The ruling will only be effective with the consent of majority of playing members.

Section 2.   The Executive Branch consist of 4 members
President (Bobby Grewal)
Vice President ((Mahmood Sial)
Treasure (Asif Jaferi)
Secretary (Shafi Ahmed)

“In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme.”